About Our Company

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing honest, thorough digital marketing services to our clients. We use our marketing channels as a tool to connect businesses with customers in hopes of forming strong positive connections and valuable experiences. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service to maintain close professional relationships with our clients.

Our Leadership


Ethan Vanderbleek,

Chief Executive

niko 1 golden.jpg

Niko Soriano,

Creative Director


Ethan Vanderbleek grew up in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago but spent a large part of his life in the city connecting with executives, artists, chefs, and all kinds of people who taught him invaluable lessons about meaningful connection. After moving to North Carolina to work towards a degree in economics, Ethan decided to move back to Chicago to pursue his dream of owning his own business. At just 19 years old, he founded Enhance Marketing with the idea of connecting customers to businesses that will provide a positive impact and wholesome value to their lives. As a young entrepreneur, Ethan brings a tenacious energy to market his clients in an efficient and effective manner. Ethan firmly believes in working closely with each individual client to best service their needs and bring them sustainable, loyal new customers.


Niko hails from a long career of artistic expression and media design. Beginning with photography at seven years old, Niko rapidly developed his skills and expanded to digital media. Niko spins an element of unique innovation into every single marketing endeavor; from social media advertising to website layouts, he does it all. With his help, we design organized, clean, and eye-catching material that will draw in customers from any channel. Niko holds himself to the highest standard of excellent creation and it reflects that in the higher number of substantial leads as well as new customers.